Following the Twentieth Pan American Child Congress, significant steps were taken to consolidate regional partnerships with the Organization of American States (OAS) and the Ibero-American Summit. Within OAS, strategic collaboration was pursued with the Inter-American Children’s Institute and the Rapporteur on the Rights of the Child of the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights, with whom a joint report is being prepared on violence in care and justice institutions. The Twelfth Ibero-American Conference of Ministers Responsible for Children and Adolescents, held in June 2010 in Buenos Aires, provided an important platform to strengthen children’s protection from violence. The Conference, in which the Special Representative participated, addressed the role of education in the promotion of children’s social inclusion. The Buenos Aires Declaration recommended the development of effective laws and policies to combat violence against children, in line with the recommendations of the United Nations study. Violence against children was also identified as a priority concern for future ministerial meetings. A strategic plan of action on violence against children for 2010–2012 was also agreed upon with the Latin American and Caribbean Chapter of the Global Movement for Children. This joint strategy supports the organization of three high-level subregional meetings in South America, the Caribbean and Central America, and the development of an analytical overview of national initiatives of follow-up to the United Nations study. These initiatives open avenues for strengthened collaboration with Governments in the region and will help to mobilize support for the adoption of a legal ban on all forms of violence against children, the development of a comprehensive national strategy and the consolidation of research and data in this field. The first regional meeting took place in Paraguay in April 2011. The second was held in Dominican Republic in December 2011.


Political Declarations

Draft declaration on violence against and exploitation of children (May 2014)- Organization of American States

Joint Statement round table of regional organisations and institutions on the protection of children from all forms of violence (2013)

Joint Statement from Latin America and the Caribbean on the Role of Regional Organizations and institutions from on the Protection of Children from Violence (2012)

Join Statement from the high-level round table on the role of regional organisations on the protection of children from violence (2011)

Declaración emitida por La Vigésima Tercera Reunión del Consejo para el Desarrollo Humano y Social (COHSOD XXIII) sobre el abuso sexual de los niños en la región del Caribe

Declaración de Kingston - Reunión de seguimiento de las recomendaciones del Estudio de la ONU sobre la Violencia contra los Niños para los Países del Caribe

Declaración de Santo Domingo - Encuentro de Seguimiento al Estudio de Naciones Unidas sobre Violencia contra los niños

Declaración de Buenos Aires

La Declaración de Bridgetown y el Programa de Acción para Combatir el Abuso Sexual Infantil en el Caribe


Roadmap to protect children against all forms of violence in the Caribbean

Hoja de Ruta Centroamericana sobre Violencia contra los niños (Central American Roadmap on Violence against Children)

Hoja de Ruta para contribuir a la realización del derecho de los niños, las niñas y adolescentes a la protección contra todo tipo de violencia en Sudamérica (South American Roadmap on Violence against Children)


Other articles concerning this region:

New York, 20 November 2014 - Today as the world celebrates the 25th anniversary of the adoption of the Convention on the Rights of the Child, we reflect on its continuing relevance and how far its solemn promises are being kept. In 1989, a compelling vision for a better world for children was carefully and comprehensively set out in the Convention’s 54 articles and embraced by the...

SRSG supports CALL TO ACTION to end the placement of children under three years

SRSG supports A CALL TO ACTION To end the placement of children under three years of age in institutions

We urge Latin American and the Caribbean States to put an end to the placement of boys and girls under three years of age in residential care institutions. Most countries in the region rely disproportionately on institutionalisation as a child protection strategy despite the fact that this...


La Primera Dama, Nadine Heredia, sostuvo hoy que proteger a la niñez y a la adolescencia de Perú de la violencia es una tarea compartida que involucra no sólo a las familias, sino a escuelas, autoridades locales y regionales, empresas y medios de comunicación.

Durante la inauguración del evento nacional Intercambio de Experiencias en materia de Servicios de Protección de Derechos a Niñas, Niños y Adolescentes, Heredia sostuvo que Perú...


I. Background

The Caribbean Meeting for Follow-up to the Recommendations of the United Nations Study on Violence against Children was held in Kingston, Jamaica on 14 and 15 May 2012 to encourage more widespread dissemination of the UN Study and renewed commitments to follow up on its recommendations at sub-regional and national levels. The meeting was also meant to raise awareness about violence against...

Regions define actions to curb violence against young children - SRSG organizes

Kingston, 1 July 2014 - Acting as a bridge-builder between regions, the SRSG convenes each year a Cross-Regional Round Table on violence against children. This important annual forum enables regional organizations and institutions to assess progress achieved, reflect on trends and common concerns, share planned initiatives and identify opportunities for cross-regional cooperation.

Caribbean News Now: Caribbean leaders call for an end to corporal punishment

KINGSTON, Jamaica -- In a groundbreaking new report to be launched in Kingston, Jamaica, this week, prominent Caribbean leaders, including religious leaders, call for an end to corporal punishment of children in their homes and families and all settings of their lives. 

The report charts progress and delay in prohibiting violent punishment of children across the Caribbean. 

It follows up recommendations to prohibit...

The Gleaner:Build Safe Communities For Kids, PJ Urges UN Delegates

Former Prime Minister of Jamaica, P.J. Patterson, has implored delegates who will be taking part in the two-day United Nations Cross-Regional meeting to give serious thought as to how to build communities that are more peaceful and safe for children.

"No matter what we do, it cannot insulate our children from the effect of violence when it is rampant in the communities...