Since 2009, the SRSG mandate has promoted a strategic collaboration with key actors in the Americas such the Organization of American States (OAS), MERCOSUR, SICA and CARICOM, the Latin American and Caribbean Movement for Children (MMI LAC), civil society actors and children and young people to accelerate progress on the implementation of the UN Study recommendations in the region.

As a result, the protection of children from violence is placed at the center of the agenda of the Organization of American States, which is clearly illustrated by the adoption of the OAS General Assembly Resolution “Violence and exploitation of children” AG/DEC.76 (XLIV-0/14) and the unified Resolution adopted by the XXI Pan American Congresses held in Brasilia from 10 to 12 December, 2014. Collaboration with the OAS has been pursued with the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights, with the Inter-American Children’s Institute and within the framework of the Pan American Congresses on Children and Adolescents. 

The unified Resolution adopted by the XXI Pan-American Congress sets the child rights agenda for the next five years. It reaffirmed the OAS Declaration on Violence and Exploitation of Children, adopted during its 44th ordinary session held in Paraguay, which calls for the Post 2015 development agenda to address the issue of violence and exploitation perpetrated against children. The unified Resolution also placed a special emphasis on children’s protection from violence in the juvenile justice system, the prevention and elimination of child sexual abuse and exploitation, and the crucial importance of investing in early childhood and preventing children placement in alternative care. 

The prevention of and elimination of all forms of violence against children remains a top priority on the agenda of the Latin American and Caribbean Movement for Children. In collaboration with the MMI LAC, three regional meetings in South America, Central America and the Caribbean were convened in collaboration with MERCOSUR, SICA and CARICOM between 2011 and 2012; the development of three regional analytical studies which provide an overview of regional and national initiatives of follow up to the UN Study on Violence against Children and child friendly materials developed with the leading participation of children and young people. 

These important achievements open crucial opportunities for the consolidation of collective and participatory processes at the regional and national levels in the Americas to support steady and sustainable progress for the effective implementation of the State primary obligation to safeguard children from all forms of violence.  


Political Declarations

Panama Declaration on Ending Violence against Children - 17 May 2017

Acta XXVIII Reunion de Altas Autoridades en Derechos Humanos del Mercosur - (Spanish) 25-26 de Mayo 2016

Statement of the second meeting of ministers of Education of the Community of States of Latin American and Caribbean -(CELAC) - Spanish (Apr. 2016)1111

Statement of the second meeting of ministers of Education of the Community of States of Latin American and Caribbean (CELAC) - English (Apr. 2016)

Final Resolution XXI Pan American Congress on Children and Adolescents - English (Dec. 2014)

Final Resolution XXI Pan American Congress on Children and Adolescents - Spanish (Dec. 2014)

Declaration on violence against and exploitation of children (May 2014)- Organization of American States

Joint Statement round table of regional organisations and institutions on the protection of children from all forms of violence (2013)

Joint Statement from Latin America and the Caribbean on the Role of Regional Organizations and institutions from on the Protection of Children from Violence (2012)

Join Statement from the high-level round table on the role of regional organisations on the protection of children from violence (2011)

Declaración emitida por La Vigésima Tercera Reunión del Consejo para el Desarrollo Humano y Social (COHSOD XXIII) sobre el abuso sexual de los niños en la región del Caribe

Declaración de Kingston - Reunión de seguimiento de las recomendaciones del Estudio de la ONU sobre la Violencia contra los Niños para los Países del Caribe

Declaración de Santo Domingo - Encuentro de Seguimiento al Estudio de Naciones Unidas sobre Violencia contra los niños

Declaración de Buenos Aires

La Declaración de Bridgetown y el Programa de Acción para Combatir el Abuso Sexual Infantil en el Caribe


Roadmap to protect children against all forms of violence in the Caribbean

Hoja de Ruta Centroamericana sobre Violencia contra los niños (Central American Roadmap on Violence against Children)

Hoja de Ruta para contribuir a la realización del derecho de los niños, las niñas y adolescentes a la protección contra todo tipo de violencia en Sudamérica (South American Roadmap on Violence against Children)


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