Joint Statement round table of regional organisations and institutions on the protection of children from all forms of violence (2013)


We, the Representatives of the Council of Europe, the League of Arab States, the Government of Jamaica and the Global Movement for Children Latin America and Caribbean Chapter, participating in the meeting organized by the Special Representative of the Secretary General on Violence against Children (SRSG on VAC)

Gathered in NY to share the results achieved in our respective regions in the implementation of the recommendations contained in the UNSG Study on violence against children;

Recognizing the critical role played by Regional Organizations and Institutions as catalysts of progress, at the regional and national levels, for the prevention and elimination of violence against children,

Recognizing the priority attached by the SRSG on VAC to the consolidation of partnerships with Regional Organizations and Institutions to accelerate progress towards the full implementation of the recommendations of the UN Study on Violence against Children,

Welcoming the support of the SRSG on VAC to the strengthening of regional governance structures and initiatives, and to cross-regional and South-South cooperation to promote and monitor progress in the follow-up to the UN Study on Violence against Children

Welcoming the initiative of the SRSG on violence against children to host, on the occasion of the General Assembly Third Committee debate on the Rights of the Child, a High Level Round Table on cooperation with Regional Organizations and Institutions to advance the implementation of the recommendations of the UN study on Violence against Children

Further welcoming the Global Survey on Violence against Children promoted by the SRSG to assess progress made by States on the overarching recommendations of the UN Study on Violence against Children, and valuing its findings and recommendations which were informed by regional studies on the same topic conducted under the auspices of regional organizations and institutions;

Welcoming the positive developments highlighted in the Global Survey of 2013, in particular the growing visibility of violence against children in the policy agenda and the positive impact of  sustained advocacy and mobilisation efforts, framed by the ratification and implementation of key international treaties and resulting in important improvements in policies and legislation;

Recognizing that accelerated progress is urgently needed to address persisting and emerging challenges, including those associated with the impact on children’s freedom from violence of the economic crisis, the victimization of children in armed and gang violence and organized crime, mass population displacement resulting from political instability, natural disasters and climate change;

Valuing the crucial role that regional organisations and institutions play in strengthening high level political commitments to the safeguard of children’s freedom from violence and promoting regional strategies for the protection of children from violence; promoting the ratification, dissemination and implementation of child rights treaties; supporting the development and enforcement of national policies and legislation; building evidence and sharing positive experiences and good practices; mobilizing support to overcome the social tolerance of violence and building the capacity of key stakeholders; as well as promoting solutions to problems that transcend national borders;

Recognizing the crucial importance of promoting the inclusion of children’s protection from violence as a core dimension of the global development agenda beyond 2015;

Convinced of the interest of sharing the results of our strategic cooperation, expertise and concerns with other regions and at global level;

Aware of the importance of further consolidating fruitful partnerships and strategies to enhance synergies between the UN and regional organisations and institutions;

·        Reaffirm our commitment to support the SRSG in her efforts to increase the visibility and impact of violence on children’s rights, as well as of the measures necessary to prevent it and address it as a matter of urgency;


·        Reiterate our determination to continue to address the prevention and elimination of VAC as a core feature in the agenda of our organisations and the states in our region, as well as of our advocacy in multilateral fora;


·        Express our commitment to continue to support initiatives to build a culture of respect for children’s rights and freedom of violence and to enable cross-fertilization of regional experiences, good practices and lessons learned;


·        Welcome the SRSG Global Survey Report on Violence against Children and the eight imperatives for the elimination of violence against children highlighted in the report, and recognize the importance of consolidating  action at national level to address these strategic imperatives;


·        Welcome the efforts of the SRSG to promote a platform to facilitate a permanent dialogue and communication across regions and agree to appoint a focal point to contribute to this dialogue and stimulate exchange of information, joint action and commitment;

-          Agree to continue creating and using opportunities to share results with other regional organisations and at the global level, including on:


-          The standards adopted at regional level

-          The formal or informal monitoring mechanisms and the impact of their work

-          Research and advocacy resources developed (studies, reports, child friendly materials, collections of good practices)

-          Results of action taken to mainstream children's rights, decrease social tolerance to violence and build partnerships with other actors (civil society, including children and young people, and media, private sector, etc);


·        Agree to meet on a regular basis, to periodically identify a topic of shared concern and to cooperate in the design of actions to address it.