The Girl Summit Charter on Ending FGM and Child, Early and Forced Marriage

No one should be forced into marriage, or made to marry while still a child. 
No girl or woman should have to endure the physical and psychological effects of female genital mutilation. 
These practices violate the fundamental rights of all girls and women to live free from violence and discrimination. 
Such violations not only harm individual girls; by undermining girls’ ability to make their own choices and reach their full potential, they also diminish the strength of families, communities and society. 
So today, we commit to work together to end child, early and forced marriage and female genital mutilation, for girls and women, everywhere, forever. 
1. Child, early and forced marriage and female genital mutilation must end, and the elimination of these practices should be reflected in the post 2015 development framework. 
2. Every girl and woman at risk of or affected by these practices must have access to appropriate
services like education, counselling, shelter, reproductive health and medical care. 
3. Governments must design and implement effective, properly funded policies and clear legislation to end these practices forever, and to protect anyone at risk. Where necessary they should work together across borders to implement these policies and legislation. 
4. Legislation alone is not enough. We will all raise awareness and understanding so everyone respects the equal value and potential of girls. We will support local groups around the world - led by women and men, girls and boys – to do the same. Lasting change will come from communities themselves.
5. We will gather more and better data, improve the way we measure social change, and make open
source data publicly available to help make the right decisions about how to end these practices.
6. We must drive systemic, sustainable change in the way girls and women are valued in our societies, so they can seize the same opportunities and realise the same rights as boys and men.
7. We need to invest in all girls so they have the knowledge, education, skills, and self-confidence to take control of their lives. We will work together across different systems, including education, health and reproductive health, justice, social protection, child protection, and civil registration.
8. Young people are a powerful force for change. We need to listen to, and consult with, young people - especially those affected - and support youth-led initiatives to break the cycle of these practices.
9. All of us need to take action to end these practices, including governments, faith groups, traditional leaders, non-governmental organisations and civil society groups, young people, practitioners, people affected by these practices, communities, international organisations, media and the private sector.
10. The individual commitments that accompany this Charter will be monitored and assessed on an
annual basis, and the results published on-line.