Kingston Declaration - Follow-up Meeting on the Recommendations of the UN Study on Violence against Children for Countries in the Caribbean


From the Declaration:


" This Declaration will be complemented by the guidelines of a Regional roadmap for Caribbean countries in light of the priorities identified by participating countries committed in support of the regional process and the formulation of national roadmaps. These roadmaps will take into account the contexts and structures of the Caribbean institutions and the specific situation in each State, and will be prepared with the active participation of all stakeholders.

We call on CARICOM Community to play an important role in monitoring the implementation of the Regional roadmap and urging CARICOM States to submit regular reports on the status of the implementation of the UN Study’s recommendations, and ensuring the prevention and elimination of all forms of violence against children is considered a priority theme at CARICOM’s deliberations on children, particularly the CARICOM/COHSOD Special Meeting on Children.

We recognize that the elimination of violence against children is a major challenge, which requires a sustained and coordinated effort from governmental institutions, legislature, the judiciary, academia, civil society, international agencies, and independent human rights institutions as well as from individual children and adolescents in order to be achieved.

We recognize the importance of facilitating and supporting opportunities for dialogue and coordination at national and regional levels that can help meet the goals. "