Joint Statement from Latin America and the Caribbean on the Role of Regional Organizations and Institutions on the Protection of Children from Violence (2012)


" We, the representatives of the MERCOSUR Pro-Tempore Chairmanship of the Permanent Commission of the Initiative Nin@Sur, of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) and of the Government of the Dominican Republic, participating with the Latin America and the Caribbean Movement for Children (MMI LAC) in the first meeting held of Regional Institutions of South America, the Caribbean and Central America on Violence against Children, organized by the Special Representative of the Secretary General on Violence against Children (SRSG on VAC),

Gathered in New York to share lessons learned, and reflect on good practices and priority areas of concern resulting from the regional processes promoted in our hemisphere to implement the recommendations of the United Nations Study on Violence against Children,

Recognizing the leading role of Member States and Regional Organizations and Institutions as catalysts of progress, and the strategic partnership developed with the SRSG on VAC for the prevention and elimination of violence against children in cooperation with the Rapporteur on the Rights of the Child of the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights and the Committee on the Rights of the Child,
Express our determination to accelerate efforts for the prevention and elimination of violence against children in all its forms and to promote the inclusion of these critical concerns in the global development agenda beyond 2015, and reiterate our commitment to supporting:

a) The development of well-coordinated and well-resourced national agendas on violence against children, supported by effective implementation, monitoring and evaluation mechanisms;
b) The adoption and enforcement of national legislation to prohibit all forms of violence against children in all settings;
c) The consolidation of national data systems and research on violence against children and the dissemination of relevant information to inform advocacy, policy making and resource mobilization to safeguard children’s right to freedom from violence and support child victims.

Recognize the richness and potential of cross-regional cooperation within and beyond our hemisphere, and in close cooperation with the SRSG on VAC and with the support of UNICEF and the Latin America and Caribbean Movement for Children (MMI-LAC), commit to:

a) Disseminate at national level the regional analytical mappings conducted in Latin America and the Caribbean in support of the implementation of the recommendations of the UN Study;

b) Support awareness-raising initiatives, including for children and young people in the light of the child-friendly version of the South American Roadmap;

c) Promote cooperation with key stakeholders, including national independent institutions on the rights of the child, parliamentarians, international financial institutions, civil society, including children and young people, religious leaders, the private sector and the media, to strengthen children’s protection from violence and build a culture of respect for children’s rights;

d) Promote the sharing of information and, under the auspices of the SRSG on VAC, support the creation of a Latin America and Caribbean Task Force to meet on an annual basis and promote initiatives to accelerate progress in protection of children from violence." 

New York, October 19, 2012