Harmful Practices



Address Harmful Practices against Children

 With a Specific Focus on the Interplay between Children's Right to Protection from all forms of Violence and Customary and Religious Laws


Addis Ababa, 13-15 June 2012

























 Marta Santos Pais

SRSG on Violence against Children


Yehualashet Mekonen

"Enhancing child protection through harmonizing customary and formal laws"

The African Child Policy Forum, Ethiopia


Divya Naidoo

"Study on the interplay between customary law and practices and children's protection rights"

Save the Children, Regional Office in South Africa


Julie Stewart

"Legal prohibition of harmful practices against children"

Southern and Eastern African Centre for Women's Law, University of Zimbabwe


Judith Mulenga

"Presentation of the NGO Council's submission to the expert consultation"

International NGO Council on Violence against Children


Violet Odala

"Protection of Children from harmful practices through the law in Africa"

The African Child Policy Forum, Ethiopia


Michael Kakatera

1. "Main findings from the Study on harmful cultural practices

conducted by the Malawi Human Rights Commission"

2. "The role of independent national Human Rights institutions"

Gender and Women's Rights Directorate Malawi Human Rights Commission


Eileen Carter

"Protection of the child: The Children's Court in South Africa"

Deartment of Justice South Africa


Grace Atim

"The regional frameworks for the protection of girls and boys from harmful practices"

UN Women








Protecting Children from Harmful Practices in Plural Legal Systems

SRSG on Violence against Children





Communication from the European Commission to the European Parliament and the Council -

Towards the elimination of female genital mutilation