The inclusive work of UNICEF on the rights of children with disabilities

UNICEF and its partners in child protection work toward the protection and the realisation of the rights of children with disabilities in different ways:

  • reinforcing child protection systems and determining and addressing social norms that cause discrimination;
  • preventing and addressing violence against children
  • including attention to disability in efforts to increase birth registration;
  • promote the Guidelines for the Alternative Care of Children.





Video by UNICEF "Disability in a Life cycle: Invest in children with disabilities"





UNICEF Resources:

The State of the World's Children 2013 - Children with Disabilities
Full report [PDF]
Report corrections and updates [PDF]
Executive Summary [PDF]
Executive Summary Easy Read version [PDF]
Accessible formats, other languages and previous editions
Using accessible formats
Video Summary



Take Us Seriously- Engaging Children with Disabilities
in Decisions Affecting their Lives:
[PDF] [Easy to Read PDF] [ebook] [HTML - zip file ] [Daisy - zip file]
Spanish [PDF] French [PDF]






Factsheet on Children With Disabilities - 2013
Spanish [PDF] French [PDF]





Using the human rights framework to promote the
rights of children with Disabilities: Discussion Paper.

An analysis of the synergies between

CRC, CRPD and CEDAW – 2013

Available here

Spanish [PDF] French [PDF]




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