SRSG - VAC Newsletter - September 2011

Newsletter September issue - SRSG on Violence against Children


1. SRSG presents Annual Report to the General Assembly on October 12.
2. SRSG conducts Global Progress Survey on Violence against Children.
3. SRSG promotes the establishment of child sensitive counseling, reporting and complaint mechanisms for incidents of violence.
4. SRSG promotes expert consultation in Oslo on tackling violence in schools establishes priorities for a safer future for children.
5. SRSG promotes expert consultation in Geneva to ban all forms of violence against children.
6. SRSG joins three year partnership to “Stop Violence Against Children” with religious leaders and communities.
7. Six more countries ratify Optional Protocol on Sale of Children, Child Prostitution and Child Pornography.
8. Mercosur approves strategic roadmap on Violence against Children.
9. South Sudan introduces legal ban on violence against children.
10. SRSG praises Tanzania's pioneering work in data and research on Violence against Children.
11. SRSG calls for more effective strategies on the rights of children with disabilities.                                    12. SRSG on the web