Violence against children and ICTs, a key concern addressed in the SRSG’s report to the General Assembly


The 2014 Report of SRSG Santos Pais to the UN General Assembly is now available in six languages. Issued during the year of the 25th anniversary of the Convention on the Rights of the Child, the report gives special attention to the opportunities and risks associated with children’s use of new information and communication technologies, putting forward core recommendations to minimize possible risks and release children’s potential in the digital world. This year’s report underscores the urgency of securing the right to freedom from violence for all children, including those at special risk of discrimination, stigma, neglect, abuse and exploitation, as is the case of those with albinism and accused of witchcraft. Moreover, capitalizing on the progress made with the promotion of new international standards, and the adoption of national laws, policies and research across the world to prevent and address violence against children, the report recognizes the strategic opportunity of accelerating progress and mobilizing global action and resources by placing children’s protection from violence at the heart of the Post 2015 global development agenda.

SRSG Report to the General Assembly